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We survived..... At Last I Speak                           

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Powerful Story, April 9, 2013
By Peter Sealey (Los Altos Hills, CA USA)

We survived ... At last I speak (Kindle Edition)
"Leon, I must tell you how impacted I was in reading your marvelous book. I truly felt that I got to know the people in your life in a deeply personal manner.
More importantly, it is so important that narratives such as this be published and in so doing enter into a permanent archive of this dark era. It is hard for me to grasp the enormity of the killing of six million human beings. The deeply personal story of you and your family bring all of this into a powerful understanding of this tragedy and its broader implications.
You do a great service in writing this book."

Your book, so beautifully written...., April 11, 2013
By Dorothy A Torresi

We survived ... At last I speak (Kindle Edition)
"Your book, so beautifully written, is extraordinary. Of course, I completely agree with your disgust that so many people covered up these events and acted cowardly to stop the horrible chain of events...it is tragic. I am sorry for your mom and dad.

I love Maman Suzanne and Papa Henri so much and will always think of their generous hearts.
I love the story of how you met Patricia and of all you have been through to keep in touch with your family over the years.

I loved how you summarized on page 205 that it made you such an appreciative, entrepreneurial, driven and loving person to you family and friends.
I really appreciate your dedication; to put in words so many emotions, facts and heart-wrenching accounts by so many of your family and friends who lived it all.

Your book is full of lessons....I ordered the documentary film as a follow up.
Congratulations. I am glad you have the strength to be sure no one will forget the injustice.
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5.0 out of 5 stars


A remarkable survival story - captivating, April 14, 2013
By Michael D. Morganstern "Mike M" (Palo Alto, CA) –   

We survived ... At last I speak (Kindle Edition)
Given the appalling cooperation of the French government during world war two, it is good to see that there were a few who risked their lives to save these two Jewish children. Foremost is the couple who took care of them during the war, but what is equally surprising is that many in the town knew these were Jewish children yet kept the secret from the Germans.

Leon Malmed is remarkable in his openness about his feelings but also the detail of the memories that he and his sister were able to recall. This book is definitely worth reading.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Inspiring, July 20, 2013
By Ann

Dear Mr. Malmed;

It was very fortunate that my wife Ann and I were lucky enough to share a breakfast table with you and your lovely wife, Patricia at the Los Gatos Lodge last month.
I can't begin to identify with the incredible life you have experienced.
The events you tell with so many details have made a lasting impact on me.
I hope that "We Survived, At Last I Speak" will be read by many persons and that the truth of the Vichy French acquiescence to the evil Nazi agenda will be known by present and future generations.
Warm regards;
George W. Cumpston, LtCol. U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

5.0 out of 5 stars
Very Insightful, May 7, 2013
By Ginny Woodruff

We survived . . . At last i speak (Paperback)
I just finished reading We Survived...At Last I Speak. I am hesitant to write a review because I can't find the words that do it justice. It so powerful and heart-wrenching, but at the same time it is loving and at times humorous. Leon has done his parents and his family proud by telling his story.

Leon is an excellent writer. The amount of time researching and writing his put into this book had to be staggering.

Thank you Leon for writing it; it makes me wish I was still teaching U.S. History so I could share it with my students. I will be putting a copy in our school library.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A must read...., May 4, 2013
By Mark Fischer-Colbrie

We survived ... At last I speak (Kindle Edition)
The fear, terror and loss for for the author and his family during the war is a haunting history that makes a strong impact on the reader. An even stronger impact is registered by the amazing courage and generosity of the author's 'new' parents. They made very real sacrifices and risked their life to do the right thing. Their exemplary decisions are incredible and must be shared with others. (There are so many who would not step up in similar circumstances.) It is important for people
to know, to remember and also to understand the strength of spirit against so much adversity. I highly recommend this book and have enthusiastically recommended it to many others.

5.0 out of 5 stars
We Survived.....At last I speak, April 26, 2013
By Amorica Rojas (Baja, Mexico)
We survived . . . At last i speak (Paperback)
You will not be able to put this book down. Once you start reading you will be immersed in a very personal story of survival. Leon transports the reader to the small town where he grew up. The way he describes the tragic events from the point of view of a small and innocent young boy, whose destiny was changed because he was Jewish makes you feel a connection to him, to his sister and to the brave family members that risked everything to save them.
Courage must be something that all survivors and their helpers share. I can only imagine how difficult Leon's life was during the time of war but his love for life shows the reader that everything is possible, that good people exist among evil ones and that when you are given a second chance, you must take it. Leon was given a second chance to live, to move to a new country that would accept him, to succeed in his career and to re-start a new family with his wonderful wife Patricia. Their love so strong and their laughter and passion for living is infectious. Thank you Leon for sharing your personal story with us, a lesson to never give up and be the best you can be no matter how bad things are around you.

5.0 out of 5 stars
"why on this night do we ask: "what happened to the parents of Leon Malmed?", April 14, 2013
Richard Malmed (Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico)

We survived ... At last I speak (Kindle Edition)
I first met Leon Malmed when doing an internet search under the name Malmed. Malmed is my name too and I expected no new news. A few generations of looking for Malmed the way we spell it had produced no results outside of my immediate relatives.
Much to my surprise this author showed up. Leon Malmed was also my grandfathers name. I sent him a postcard and months later a phone call was returned, the voice of a man with a French accent, "we could be cousins" he blurted out and proceeded to tell me his story, the story he tells in the book that he eventually wrote in French and is now translated to English. We survived ... At last I speak.
A first person report of a four year old boy and his sister as the horrors of the Holocaust explode their life. The themes that weave through the report of the lifelong emptiness of parents and family snatched away, the incredible generosity, sacrifice and bravery of those that were by chance neighbors who stepped forward to save the two Jewish children and to deliver them from the evil that was engulfing their known world. The post Holocaust metamorphosis of the author and a real life testimony for the "land of opportunity", America.
There is not much spoken about France and the responsibility shared with the Germans as Jewish People were herded into holding areas and transferred to their death. Leon Malmed says it.
Keep the message alive pass this story on.
Perhaps a third Seder would be appropriate and a fifth question.
"why on this night do we ask: "what happened to the parents of Leon Malmed?"

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