Rebuttal to speaker to Madison High School, N. J. athletes


Good Leaders should not be confused with Charismatic leaders.

Hitler was a charismatic leader, so was Fidel Castro, Stalin, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, King Henry III, etc.

The speaker addressing student athletes at the Madison High School in New Jersey contrasted Dr. King and Hitler, referring to the latter as a ‘good leader’ with bad moral character and intentions. He even displayed a picture of Adolf Hitler shown side by side with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,”

It is like comparing a Mass Murderer with a Roach Killer. 

Dr. Martin Luther King had tremendous Ethical Values. He preached Non-Violence, Justice, Love, Human Dignity, and Forgiveness.  He envisioned a day when people of all colors, nations, and religions could sit down at the "table of brotherhood."

Hitler is responsible not only for the death of 6 million Jewish people but also for the death of up to 72 millions civilians and soldiers worldwide during WWII.

Hitler’s vision:

“It revolved around expansion of the “Arian race including the elimination of “useless eaters” and religion. 

We all know about Hitler’s hatred for the Jews; those he blamed directly for Germany’s loss of World War I.  His plan was for their total extinction.  Much less known, was that he also said that socialism and Christianity could not coexist.  The “state” was to replace all religion.  Religious leaders would be killed outright. 

Hitler’s dislike for Gypsies: they were to be executed when found.  These were the Slavs explicitly and most non-Germanic peoples who would mostly perish through starvation and slave labor. 

Hitler planned for and was actively killing the handicapped, old people, those in mental institutions, and Germany’s own seriously wounded military veterans. 

Those German males who survived the war would be encouraged to marry a woman, live on a farm (lands east of Germany and stolen from others, recently depopulated), and obligated to have many children.  Multiple wives would be encouraged and having children by other women would be acceptable. 

Liberal Arts education as we know it would be eliminated and replaced by less intellectual pursuits and substituted more with physical-fitness training for future soldiers.  Future cities would have grand architecture and massive structures made of stone to emphasize the importance of the state and diminished stature of the person.“

Hitler was a neurotic and paranoid individual. He was incapable of making a rational judgment between right and wrong. He was a hater, a liar and dishonest. He considered himself as a military genius, and did not take sound advices and criticism very well.

How can anyone compare Hitler, such a horrible human being, with Dr. Martin Luther King?


Hitler and his demented followers with a powerful army with diabolical intentions, failed.

Once more, fortunately for humanity, goodness triumphed over evil.


I am a living witness of that catastrophe. I still today longed for my parents I lost at the young age of 4 & 1/2 years old.


Leon Malmed

A Holocaust Survivor

March 21st, 2019